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Tigerfoot Cane Tigerfoot Cane!

The cane with the revolutionary tip!

Extra traction with the push of a button!
Stability like no other!
Promise... One Stop Shopping!

For All Your Medical Needs!

YOU are our concern!
Where customer care is always there!
Provides... Our trained staff provides medical equipment and supplies to be purchased or rented. Each store has a wide variety of products to meet your healthcare needs and are experienced in locating hard to find products.

All store are open from 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday.
Serves... Our service area covers northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and Michigan's upper peninsula.
Bathroom Aids

Personal-care products help provide safety and independence. Product lines include the latest in hygiene, bath, commode and shower products. Personal-care products, provide versatility and value for customers.

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Wheelchair & Convalescent Aids

Dealing with the world's leading manufacturer of wheelchairs, bariatric equipment, disability scooters,provide a full range of ambulatory aids and accessories.

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Respiratory Therapy Equipment

Award winning respiratory products and breakthrough designs that improve quality of life for both patients and providers. Offerings include oxygen, aerosol, sleep therapy, nebulizers and asthma management products.

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Hospital Beds & Accessories

Delivering breakthrough innovations in comfort and style for beds, furnishings and accessories. Smart design and high-quality construction make our beds and furnishings durable and safe.

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Special Needs

Certain tasks become difficult or impossible when arthritis or some other disability strikes these household products can help.

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